03 April 2007

free falling

Stacks of times throughout the day various things will suggest themselves for a blogpost. If I was rooly rooly keen I'd write them down and then, when the evening comes around (what song does that come from?), I could post. It'd be ever so efficient.

Regrettably, with the need to actually try to concentrate on work, allied with the attention span of a gnat - and the observant amongst you will note the incompatibility of those two factors - I don't. Then every evening, when it comes around, I have to try to remember what it was that so damned fascinating, or at least moderately interesting, so I can write. Speaking of
attention spans... playing video games gives you a longer attention span? Didn't I read somewhere yesterday that the makers of board games like Monopoly are having to bring out new versions that last 20 minutes, not a whole evening, to cater to Gen Y?

Fortunately for all of my reader, work has been insinuating itself into my life to a greater extent recently. This has aligned nicely with an ennui, a certain je ne sais quoi, with the whole bloggerama thing. There are, believe it or not, only so many times you can whinge about Howard and co. No, actually that's not right, many others in the 'sphere do it literally incessantly and VVB is more than happy for them to continue to do so, and we'll come around and leave a comment occasionally. Maybe you're supposed to get some feeling of belongingness by being part of the vast left wing echo chamber but if so, the feeling has passed me by.

It'd also be far more effective to write posts offline, to mould and sculpt them into finely honed pieces of literary brilliance. I believe other people do this, quite obviously I don't. But if I did, there'd have to be an awful lot of sculpting. And would it still be a blog? Ah, the unfathomable, the imponderable questions of life.

No, me neither.

So, what about that David Hicks eh? Did you see Major Mori on the 7.30 report tonight? Good performance I thought, very professional, then he started to sound like he wanted out but Red Kezza just kept on coming. Mori remained professional in his responses but the tone started to sound a bit, not peeved exactly but certainly keen to bring it all to a close. Especially the answers about having to save up questions for Hicks himself when the gag - if it lasts any possible appeals - comes off on 31 March 2008.

How about that Australian Howard Government eh? What a bunch of blokes. Go team.

My neck hurts. Goodnight.

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