27 April 2007

the logical song

I have kept forgetting to post a link to this wonderful periodic table of "visualisation methods", management strategy models and tools and other rare beasties to keep indentured professionals in a state of catatonic...geez I dunno, the words fail me, give me your suggestions... for a long, long time.

If you run your mouse over each box a sample pops up. This list is, without doubt, one of the most wonderful things I have ever run across. You can take it seriously as a compendium of tools available, or you can just gaze at it in wonder, knowing full well the hours, days and years that lots and lots of people have spent being intellectually and emotionally pummelled as they get forced through whatever the process-du-jour happened to have been. Like my good friend who, on arrival in a new area decided to show what a good bloke he was and volunteered to coordinate the annual business planning process. He was still at it eleven months into the year.

I have a business planning session next week, as some kind of perverse welcome-back-to-work present. I hope we have on-line audio-visual capacity on the room. If so I'll be going to this within the first five minutes.

Incidentally, the link was sent to me with the e-mail title "recipes for spaghetti and other disasters" - a reference, of course, to the Barry Jones Knowledge Nation fiasco.


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