09 December 2007

higher and higher

As a kind of antidote to the whingeing, snarky tone that crept into the last couple of posts, I should just relate that I caught the last couple of minutes of the NSW Education Department's Schools Spectacular. If anything gives you hope in the future, if not necessarily public schooling itself, it's the sight of 3000 enthusiastic kids giving their all to the closing number.

But moreso, a couple of the soloists were just outstanding. There was one girl, inexplicably clad in a large, ornge furry animal suit, who had a voice with the phrasing, intonation, range and projection that would put any Idol contestant to shame. She was doing a Queen song, I can't place the name but it has those multi-octave runs that Freddie Mercury lived on and she just nailed them all.

Now it's the Countdown Spectacular or something but I'll need to be off the bed soon as it's a 4.30 departure for all parts west. It seems to be very much a second XI effort after the successful first show.


BigBen said...

HI Phil,
Enjoyed your blog not that I remember how I found it, but doesn't that just sum up late nights online? You seem quite proficient with Latin ( a dying trait here in the states but then our literacy and overall intelligence level has enough trouble with the language we're supposed to be speaking.)Anyway, nothing profound to contribute, sorry, just thought I'd say hi and I enjoyed my stop at your space and hope you check out my blogs sometime.
oh I knew there was something, I think the song your thinking of is Bohemian Rhapsody.
All the best

That's So Pants said...

Hi Phil

Children are resilient. They seem to be able to survive almost any onslaught of dimwitted education and faddish initiatives thrown at them and what's more,thrive. Nature is a lot smarter than we are.



phil said...

Hi Bigben and welcome to the minute world of Chateau VVB (I'm back in Brisbane at the moment).

No, it wasn't Bohemian Rhapsody, which I know well - this is a less known Queen song. I've just been to a lyrics page to try to identify it, but no immediate luck.

Hello there Pants. Well I agree with you but I'm even more enthusiastic when "the system" throws up opportunities for kids to shine, and that was definitely what this was about.



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