08 December 2007

speak to me

Another occasional observation from the wilds of CQ and believe it or not, folks, there is nothing to report that hasn't been reported already about CQ.

Anyway it woulnd't be a VVB post unless I had a quick snark at something obvious, so for tonight it would be the the bloke in the Woolies ad where they sing "I wish you a Merry Christmas" who sings "and a happy noo year." I think he's meant to be a butcher, that's what he's done to our accent.

Yes folks, when all else fails, a little reflexive anti-Americanism always fits the bill.

But seriously, it's an Australian-made ad, couldn't they have re-shot it with someone who hasn't had his brain turned to "awesome sides"? With mayo?

Nope, nothing more serious than that. Must all be OK.

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