31 December 2007

hook me up

"Everything is connected to everything else" has been one of my favourite expressions for a long time. It's neither deep nor original, and so sums up the VVB ethos to a T.

Anyway it's not often you get to see it proved, but within
this post you'll find a pretty convincing argument. Anyway it shows biomedical research as being at the centre of the knonw universe, as least as proven by academic citations.

Whether this is a result of substantial government funding of research in the field or whether this is the centre of the universe just because it is, isn't addressed in the article.

The article was found via
here and here, because Fumier thinks that Philip is very funny, not to mention insightful in the nature of government. And who would disagree?


Hammy said...

Happy New Year!

phil said...

How depressing, my friends are at home on their computers also instead of going out and getting happy new year'd.

And of course the same to you and yours, hammy.

Philip said...

The aggregated journal-journal citation matrix contained in the Journal Citation Reports can be aggregated on the basis of these categories. This leads to an asymmetrical transaction matrix (citing versus cited) which is much more densely populated than the underlying matrix at the journal level.

Somebody was happy-new-yeared when they wrote that, all right.

phil said...

Probably got paid for it too. What a wondrous coincidence of interests.

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