17 December 2007

military madness

I forgot to put in the short report of the CSN concert that Military Madness was introduced by a bit of Bush-bashing and the general sort of small-l (ie US) liberal commentary for which the band has always been known.

While Steven Stills wrestled with his guitar strap, David Crosby mused that the US should introduce a law which prevented it from possessing nuclear weapons while ever it had a President who couldn't pronounce the word properly. This then led into a bit of by-play between the band members about the need to get rid of the Bush administration, summarised by "throw the bums out." Graham Nash noted that this was what Australia had in fact done, Stills said "throw the bums out" again so Nash had to bring him up to date with our momentous political upheaval (well change of government, anyway).

And then, in introducing the song, David Crosby lamented that some 45 years after the song was written, the world still suffers from military madness.


indigoid said...

thought you'd appreciate these... I sure did! (especially the 'crook' one)



That's So Pants said...

Hi Phil

Yeah, well. It is what it is and we have to make the best of it. Happy Christmas to you and all at WB Chateau.



Gerry said...

I know a little bit about military madness...

Wishing you and yours a Great Christmas and a totally fabjoulous 2008.

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