03 May 2008

brain salad surgery (*)

What's the noun for sporadic? Sporadicity? Well, that's what we have here at pied a terre VVB - I said it'd be more sporadic, but it's even more so.

Put it down to work, teeth, travel, competing priorities, and maybe a dash of wtf?

No news apart from observing that finding a new house should, in principle, be exciting and joyful. And indeed it is, for the first 20 or 30. After that, it's an exercise in frustration.

Anyway, Mrs VVB and I edge towards commitment to a new Chateau VVB (with added sea views), although my earlier desire to live right on the edge of the continent - a seductive vision, I have to say - is probably not to be fulfilled. Salt spray, for starters.

(*) Couldn't think of a suitable post title, I take it that all readers are familiar with Emerson, Lake and Palmer?

I've barely had time to read or listen to the news, so the even opportunity for superficial snarking has been reduced. I'd kind of like to comment on the death of the Aussie soldier in Afghanistan, mainly from the perspective that I don;t really know what we're doing there. If we were genuinely eradicating the poppy crops and assisting the Afghans to replace that cash witrh something a little more socially acceptable, I'd be all in favour. Maybe we are, but I really don;t know. Why don't I know? Where's the message?

In any case, the death of any Australian soldier overseas is an occasion for sombre reflection on the value of our armed forces, certainly not for superficial snarking.

Of course the impending first Swan Budget had raised the stakes for our new-ish federal government - there's been a few leaks but mainly it's under wraps, yes?

Oh, it's Saturday night, 7.30 pm, Top Gear's on, the chicken's in the oven, got to go.

Talk amongst yourselves, smoke if you wish (as a now deceased - not from smoking - mate of mine used to say).

This is really disappointing, I'll have to find something of substance to write about.

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