24 May 2008

why don't we do it in the road

OK, thanks to Political Theory Daily Review, here's why I do it.

By "it" I mean blogging, what on earth were you thinking I meant?

Anyway it's therapeutic and unless I write this drivel I'll be certifiable. Actually I need to be certifiable to write the drivel, it's all cause and effect.

I mean, innit?

Even if correlation is not causation, well, nothing even correlates with what goes through my tiny mind while I write so what you get on the electronic page is probably more random than it appears.

And again from Political Theory, a
link to a book that could have been written for us here in the Chateau - actually it sounds like a good common sense kind of book that the functionally innumerate such as yer 'umble correspondent could do with.


Anonymous said...

Is that 'fame by association'? I feel like such a fraud! Well, for the record, Mrs Possum does indeed keep up with VVB affairs via this blog - not sure whether it helps or hinders your credibility ... ? But then, if it helps, this is the first comment I have made on a blog site - Possum's included. I even managed to refrain myself after he called me the "random disaster variable in the kitchen"! So Mr VVB, while Brisbane is a lesser city without you, we wish you well as a permanent resident of Rockvegas - may they appreciate your 'sophistimacated' ways ;)

phil said...

I would have thought it was my fame by association - I know the wife of the famous Possum! - rather than yours but hey, don't let me get between you and any feelings of inadequacy you may harbour!

Got to say, I'd never noticed any previously...

"RDV" you shall be in the future, Mrs P.

Anyway, congrats on entering the 'sphere, as we habitues are wont to call it.

The Editor said...

"...unless I write this drivel I'll be certifiable..."

I write drivel and I'm even more certifiable than before.

Perhaps I'm impervious to the efficacious effects of writing drivel...

phil said...

Gerry - so it is therapeutic...

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