30 May 2008

we're gonna party like it's...2008

Corey Delaney, eat your heart out.

This is the professional way for spoilt brats to celebrate.

I love the divergence in the comments - no wonder we have wars! Such as:

Question from Spain: where is the ''all these lazy, unprincipled foreigners are destroying the social fabric and the wonderful british way of life and should be kicked out'' brigade?

The party rocked!!!!
Kev, Marbella,

(Thanks Kev, are you Australian by any chance? Surname Kavanagh?

Theres gone be a lot of alcohol an amazing DJ.” “There’s so much damage and clothes stolen. A lot of broken doors. people caight
(SIC) having sex.” -- Well done. Nothing like a top-notch private education.

I lived in Southern Spain 2 years ago and the chavish loutishness is identical to
the uk , only with better weather and cheaper grog.


JahTeh said...

There was a better photo of the birthday girl at the DailyMail. She was almost wearing a pink top that would have done Britney proud.

Facebook is the dark side and a load of highschool rubbish. Keep blogging Phil for we are the elite.

Ann O'Dyne said...

Kev Ka-VAN-agh, Artist In Meat

phil said...

never seen such a sausage meself

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