28 May 2008

shine a little light

Wayne Swan has just been eviscerated (within normal 7.30 Report boundaries) by Kerry O'Brien.

Four departments briefed against the national Fuel Watch scheme, so why is the Government going ahead with it?

Hmm...so where were the leaks during the Howard government's reign? At least we know that the current government is getting
frank and fearless advice.

Looks like the ABC will definitely continue to be on "we are independent" watch.

Despite the "we're not racists, but..." comment made by a woman interviewed by the ABC after the meeting at
Camden about the Islamic school, "Why is Channel 2 in favour of the school?"

Indeed. Channel 2 brings crime, I expect.

I particularly liked this bit:
Another resident said: "It's not for racist [reasons], just all the crime and stuff that other foreign people bring into the town."
Ah yes: thanks for that. QE f*****g D, as they say.

Speaking of which, I ran across a whole host of stories and opinion pieces about the growing use of knives in youth crime in the UK and Australia. Haven't got time to write at the moment - got work to do - but it looks like other people have noticed the trend. Got a lot to do with drink, I imagine, but...any views?


Susoz said...

The son of a friend of mine was stabbed in a nightclub in London over a decade ago - and survived. It was because he'd looked at someone's girlfriend the wrong way. It didn't seem to be alcohol, but machismo. We have a link to a Sydney teenager who is in legal trouble nowadays and thankfully knives haven't entered the picture but certainly alcohol has.
I don't know where that leaves us (except worried).

phil said...

It's a real and growing trend, I'd like to write about it.

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