29 May 2008


One I hadn't heard before.

I had to officiate at a 'do' tonight. We had a visiting delegation of 6 people: I introduced them all then did a bit of a spiel.

I then introduced one of the group who was to do a talk. Part way through I thought, "I forgot one of them when I did the intros." Then the one speaking mentioned this bloke by name and I thought, "ahh, he's made up for it, I must have forgotten him."

So when I came back to do the link between the speaker and next one, I mentioned the bloke I had forgotten.

Later, once it was all over, they said to me, "you didn't forget him, you mentioned him."

I made a comment about my memory to which one replied, "ah, you're like me, you've got CRAFT."

CRAFT = Can't Remember A Fucking Thing.

Exactly so, and now I have a new way to describe it.


indigoid said...

i can see into your future, Phil... it is big... a strange hybrid of sleek and boxy... flared waistline... doors that open to near right angles... sometimes described as "designed by people who have young children"...

your future is a Volvo! and if you do buy one I'll even send you some lacy tissue-box covers and hats to go with it!

more seriously, the Volvo 245 estate (that is only broken due to human stupidity [only some of it mine!], despite having travelled close to half a million km) in my backyard is one of the best, most practical and surprisingly fun cars I've ever owned...

phil said...

practical yes
surprisingly fun...in the same way my Austin Freeway wagon was surprising fun.

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