29 October 2008

down the road apiece

So they're interviewing Republican supporters on the ABC news and they're all like, "that Obama is a terrrist, he's a Muslim, he swore his oath on the Koran so he's not American (wha?), he wants to take away our guns and if that happens we'll be at the mercy of terrrrist furriners."

On the other hand,
your children might be safer.

Not being a gun owner/fancier/whatever, I just can't comprehend how you get something like a gun fair with full-on military assault weapons for sale, let alone why 8 year olds get allowed to hold and fire them, let alone what 8 year old are doing there.

Anyway the sheer ignorance of those interviewed was positively scary. But it was the ABC so once you have the context/subtext/a different whatever, it all makes perfect sense. More insidious nanny stating by manipulating our news. Of course, it's that ABC den of socialist iniquity.

For the record, I oppose any censorship of the internet beyond what people might wish to pay for and utilise themselves and, on this basis, I think Steven Conroy is a fool who needs a swift corrective kick up the quoit.

Notice how snidely I have reestablished VVB's centrist pretensions?

Snide..snide....it's a very
John Lennon word. I had that poem, I had John Lennon's book ("In His Own Write"). It's somewhere in a box along with a stack of other collectibles from my single days plus many wedding presents. Never came back from storage when we returned from our first postings overseas, we didn't miss them until much later once we were home for good. Actually it's almost certainly not in a box, that box would have been opened and its contents distributed many years ago. I hope the people who got the steak plates and knives enjoyed them. Very 1970s, along with the liqueur glasses. And my big bronze peace medallion and a small silvery cannabis leaf one. (Mother admired that one, I didn't have the guts to tell her what it was.)

Anyway, when I came to sit down at the computer this picture was on the screen, Mrs VVB must have been looking for something. I took it on our last holidays, it's close to a place we stayed at in the Barrington Tops, NSW. Join me while we reflect a while. Very tranquil.

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