19 October 2008

i wish i was still drinking

Being a short account of the boys' weekend away. Every year at Sydney Motor Show time the three of us catch up and try to act like we're still 21.

We're not, but it's fun to try.

Anyway hanging out at the Sir George Young on George St with Kev, the bloke who balances a guitar on his forehead while strumming another one. We were a few beers into it by this stage, in fact it was our second visit there of the trip. I'd like to say that there's no limit to the quantity of grog one can put away but regrettably, as we age, there is. Don't know what time it was when we folded the tent but all three of us left half full schooners. There was just this moment when we looked at each other, all thinking the same thought at the same time: "can't do this any more."

Damn, and damn again.

The show itself is just an excuse but this year, even though there were far fewer exhibitors and all the brands you'd want to see, ie all the Europeans, weren't there we still spend a fair of time looking (and of course making sarcastic comments where warranted).
The best bits were probably the oldies on show for the next Shannons auction. A black Triumph TR3A with paintwork far in advance of any original even when new. One of us used to own one, so we know what they were like then.
A gorgeous E-type roadster: look at it, who wouldn't want to own one?

I got the opportunity to give the
McIntosh stereo which is fitted to the premium versions of the Subaru Liberty a good work-out and can confirm that it is indeed excellent. Thank you Subaru people for leaving me alone while I tested the limits. Kick arse, I would venture, just the right amount of sound pressure levels from the sub-woofers, ie not ultra doof doof but just thumping enough. If we ever get rid of Chateau VVB and there's enough money in the kick we might even be able to stretch to one, maybe 2-3 years old.

The weekend started...well for me it actually started on Thursday night at an awards dinner I attended, then a few beer o'clock coldies with friends on Friday evening which morphed into sharing a bottle of red and some pizza with offspring no 2, a necessary prerequisite to enable me to sleep on a mattress on the floor at her place. Also to dull the after-effects of over an hour and half of dental work that had been done earlier.

Early-ish flight from Brisbane to Sydney but offspring no 2 kindly took me to the airport. So when I hit the hotel room about midday on Saturday, one of the fellers had thoughtfully brought a six-pack (well actually a five pack) of Reschs Pilsener stubbies, got his 12-string Aria out and awaaaay we went. Thence to the Sir George Young for the first of our visits and that brings us back to where we started.

Tell you what: I don't miss big cities. I had one night in a hotel in Brisbane, it had a small balcony which I went out onto in the early morning and there was that city drumbeat: construction noise, traffic noise, just building noise, that incessant hum well it's more than a hum, dunno what you'd call it. But it's always there, no wonder people in big cities go a little rat-in-a-maze crazy.

Anyway that's the story. Now time to catch up on a little sleep before the working week. Ciao for niao.


michael carney said...

I couldn't agree more about the drinking but at least I don't go around plastering the news all over the internet - I keep it to myself.

I had heard you had departed the town some time back but it has taken me until now to remember to check your blog.

As well, we have been away - I had two months in the USofA - the dog could only spare Alison for five and half weeks so she came home early.

In the time we were gone I discovered that Canada is still as boring a bat shit and the USofA isn't. The Grand Canyon is a see before you die experience and when the $A is between 96cents US and par you spend a lot of money because you just have to.

The house at Eumundi is almost complete - now lavishing money we don't have on interior fitout and toilet seats that close quietly and go sssshhhh as they land on the pan.

Depending on how you look at it I'm either retired (me) or between contracts (Alison).

I can continue to read the blog to know what you're up to but if you are in Brisbane we would be pleased to see you.

My email continues to be carney1001@telstra.com

All the best

phil said...

Now everyone can e-mail you and inquire (privately) about your drinking habits.

Laurie said...

Sounds like a great time, Phil. As to the drinking, I've always found that you have to keep the practice up, just like the guitar. But I know what you mean - after our road trip, Leigh and I had to book ourselves into the workshop for a heart-valve grind, and a liver and kidney rebore.

BTW Michael - is that where Robert G. Barratt's famous Eumundi lager comes from?

phil said...

One of the three brought along his Aria 12 string, he and I gave the neigbouring rooms in the hotel some free entertainment.

You're right, Laurie, guitar and drinking both require constant practice.

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