05 October 2008

natural born woman party

As VVB has more or less disintegrated into a weekly, I was scratching around for something of interest. Something I thought I had noticed over recent weeks and months was that some blogs which I had previously thought either apolitical or only mildly 'conservative' in outlook had seemingly gone ferally rightwards. Australian blogs that barely seemed to mention politics have gone stratospherically supportive of Sarah Palin. Maybe because the liberal/left blogs have gone for her throat?

Then today
this comment appeared this arvo at Larvatus Prodeo, about an apparent lowering of the volume at the 'leftist' blogs, because the 'enemy' (John Howard, doncha know) has gone.

There's something to it I think but I always struggle with perception vs reality. The easy way would be to leave a comment and check, but as a lifelong wuss who had regrettably had more aggro in recent months than he cares to think about (not here, another part of my life), I just honestly don't feel up to it. Even though I would hope that an evenly-worded, non-judgemental inquiry should elicit a fair and honest answer.

If it's true, what has brought it on? With the predictable result in WA, the short 'halcyon' period of coast-to-coast Labor governments has come to an undistinguished end. Do the supporters of the 'natural party of government' theory feel so wronged during those periods when the 'natural party' is not in power?

And other questions, such as do they not realise that have any party in power for a long time is a Bad Thing?

At times like this I'm glad that VVB has no academic pretensions beyond its proprietor's meagre intelligence and is simply free to ask the stupid questions.

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That's So Pants said...

Hi Phil

Wait until disillusionment with the new government kicks in. There's nothing more vehement than a leftie scorned. Give it until Christmas.



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