10 October 2008

something stupid

In a world turned crazy, there's little that can raise eyebrows. Except mine got raised a couple of centimetres today - twice in fact.

The world's leading economic commentator told us on the world's most authoritative TV program that computers, rather than 23-year old cocaine-addicted screen jockeys, manipulate these enormous flows of international capital. Seriously, no wonder we are in such an (emerging) pickle. Pre-set algorithms, sell, buy, fuck 'em right off. How bloody insane is that? Oh sorry, cost of labour, 23 year old screen jockeys cost maximillions more than computers and only do the same job.

We don't need a Rubin tax, we need legislated common sense and capital punishment for deviation.

Second, Scottish schools go into public-private partnerships with consortia that borrow from Icelandic banks. If ever you needed a single example of why simple State-funded debt is not a better and undoubtedly cheaper (by the time everyone takes their cut and shifts the risk on) of raising finance for public infrastructure, then this is it. Ever since 1989 the world has gone into an intellectual void, no one even remarks that the "peace dividend" hasn't passed anyone's lips since 1991, everyone's been too busy "leveraging" everybody else while simultaneously "going forward." Now they're "rolling out" programmes, with two ems and and a superfluous e, everywhere you look.

Shit, that's enough, it's Friday for fuck's sake.

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Ann O'Dyne said...

... forgive them, they were just practicing World's Best.

Don Watson has a couple of books worth of discussion on going forward customer focussed to deliver positive outcomes.

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