23 October 2008

this old house

Subject to finance, building and pest inspection, act of dog, fire and flood, further economic meltdown, anyone in the Federal Liberal Party able to rise above petty schoolground sniping and bullying (three yays for Ken Henry, I'm surprised he didn't actually get up and bite Abetz and Coonan), Chateau VVB has been sold.

We can confirm that the national/global/intergalactic crisis, be it financial, economic, political or some other species, had its effect on the offers received. In other words, folks, the real economy has been hit. There will be no new Maserati, nor even a Kia. I bought myself a new pair of shoes when last in Brisbane, they will have to do.

Look at the picture. Some of the feedback we got from inspections was that people hated the exposed brick, it was so dated, and they would need to cover it with either cement render or gyprock.

Hey, if you don't like exposed brick, look elsewhere.

Mrs VVB and I, and offspring no two, all loved it. Even the old man, the last of the red hot socialists, loved it even if it was a stinking pile of bourgeois pretension and not near the ocean (holy cow that man was a bundle of contradictions).

Anyway, subject to etc etc etc it will shortly become a part of our past.

Yes, it is kind of sad.


Ann O'Dyne said...

I would be sad to leave that fabulous fireplace.
I'm sure the Purchasers will be telling their friends they
"have bought a place with all this great brickwork and cosy timber"

A house is an emotive state.
Happy trails to you.

phil said...

Yes, once we got it to work properly (bricks under the grate to get a decent updraft, but that took us 3 or 4 smoky winters to figure out).

We certainly loved the house from the first time we saw it. It was the first place Mrs VVB inspected but the owners insisted on selling by sealed tender so we had a long wait to find out if we had been successful.

Maybe we should have used the same tactic.

Laurie said...

Nice-looking house, Phil. You bourgeois shit. :)

phil said...

Guilty as charged, yer 'onour.

That's So Pants said...

Hi Phil

Congratulations! I sold my London flat by sealed bid and that really worked - Londoners are not interested in something unless everyone else wants it too. Your old house would have done for me. I agree that people should buy the type of house they want and not complain that all the others are not it. However, having been through the process myself recently, estate agents seem to want a 'reason' for every house you reject. EVERYONE knows that the way to buy a house is to keep looking until you walk into a house that screams 'this is the one' at you.



JahTeh said...

But the bricks go with the overhead beams and you could roast an ox in that fireplace, very Henry Tudor.

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