24 January 2009


"What is better working in retail or learning some respect?"
Buggered if I know, I never realised they were meant to be mutually incompatible.

Then again, it's just the youth branch of the Liberals trying to be clever so as to appear relevant to each other. I also particularly liked this:

"almost (note, almost) every President i can remember of the NSW YLs has been a
complete loser with no social skills. And Mr McCoy is a backstabbing arsehole anyway, so i wouldnt expect any less from him. "
He must be in retail.

All this is about the Young Libs' plan for a new version of national service - well actually petty slavery as the author of the above article quite rightly points out. So much for free enterprise and liberty, these evidently aren't core Liberal values any more (as if we should be surprised)any more.


nofuninpublic said...

Rest assured that if their plan came to fruition it would not be universal national service.

The minute that any people on national service had to go and actually serve somewhere dangerous there would be a raft of exemptions for anybody whose father was, or had been, an accountant, a barrister or an arsehole president of the NSW Branch of the Young Liberals.

phil said...

Yes, have to look after that gene pool.

Laurie said...

You gotta love the Young Libs, Phil. They are living proof that the first settlers fucked wombats.

phil said...

Delicately expressed, Laurie.

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