21 January 2009

why do we always fight

Recently I've made a few comments about the rise of violence in Australia - glassings, stabbings and so on.

You'll love this (via
Bookforum): the role of violence in Canadian professional ice hockey. A very telling excerpt:

Last week, countless fans went online to defend fighting in the wake of news
stories about Sanderson's death. More than one dismissed violence-haters as "women," "Europeans," "weaklings" or "immigrants" who clearly don't "get" what
hockey's all about.

Honestly, where do you start with someone holding those sorts of views?

And this from a commenter:

Get rid of the orchestrated, goon on goon fighting, and let fighting come about
naturally as it does in other sports.


Ann ODyne said...

"where do you start with someone holding those sorts of views?"

1. revoke driving licence
2. revoke right to vote
3. remove from gene-pool.
(ie., sterilise)

OTOH I just love that old movie SLAPSHOT with Paul Newman trying to coach The Hansen Brothers.

Wayne Gretzky!!

Ann ODyne said...

and Blogger On A Cast Iron Balcony has a great post on the bashing of Ron Barrassi and the hypocrisy of Mrs Barrassi's public remarks on thugs

phil said...

Yes, saw that. I'm becoming more obsessed with the issue of public violence, will write about it again.

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