27 July 2009


Just to reassure my 3 readers that I'm still here...oh, you weren't looking for any such reassurance? OK, superfluous, delete, move on.

Today's whimsy - I really need another word, that'll be the weekend task - is within
this article. Which comes to you from a link within today's Crikey.com.au newsletter.

It's not really surprising that someone who is a "leading useability expert" has a name like Jared Spool.

I had to look at it twice (at least) before I remembered that Jared is a real name.

But then, I find I'm having more difficulty with instant comprehension these days.

But if I have a thing - well, it'd be a widget wouldn't it - I'll know where to go to find out how useable it is.

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BwcaBrownie said...

"Having more difficulty with instant comprehension these days ?"

get yourself a usability expert!

Jared flew from Seattle to Denver today, according to his tweets, and his blog title BrainSparks, I would guess is a nod to the fact that electric impulses is how our brains work - that's why brain surgeons turn off their mobiles while working - they don't want the patient phoning home direct from their cerebral cortex.

where was I ? oh yes - having difficulty with instant comprehension, and even the delayed kind really. and proved it by posting a comment with the link all wrong. *sigh*
Did you know that I Can Haz Cheezberger? is now a musical ?! also Ann O'Dyne has a new post if you can be arsed.

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