02 July 2009

on the turning away

Turning. You can't do it in the English countryside.

Those keyboards I bought: terrific. My crummy old left hand is increasingly seizing up from strangling the neck of the guitar, so to follow my evening guitar 'playing' with some scales and other home-baked exercises on the keyboard, aimed at loosening up the fingers, seems like a good idea.

What was that saying about ordinary minds discuss people, greater ones discuss events and the greatest discuss ideas? Here's why
people wins: it's a circular argument. Hell, it's not even an argument, it's being hit on the head lessons.

As you were.


Ann ODyne said...

how about that Paris Hilton eh?
everybody's heard of her so we can talk about how silly she is, right?

silly as a fox.

and that skinny Posh Beckham? and her handbags and high-heels.

but where do you go to my lovelies?
when you're alone in your bed?

oh! you're not alone ?.

well then, my pal Marshall McLuhan would say the Media is the massage (-therapist-convicted-of-sexual assault).

Every thing is about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Unlike every other performing group in the history of music, The Spice Girls split the profit equally.
Victoria has so much money from their record sales, she couldn't dumb it away.
There. I'm discussing an idea, not a person. The idea of revenge as a spur. Posh had no schoolfriends and bad bad skin.
Paris was thrown out of every school she went to.
Who is laughing now?
Not me.

phil said...

I found a button and pressed it, turned out to be a hot one.

They're out there.

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