18 July 2009

things don't seem

We seem to have reached some sort of impasse. I was kind of happy posting a great (well, to my tastes) piece of music each Friday , and it was sort of fun trawling through BookForum to bring you stuff that appealed (to my tastes).

It used to be fun getting utterly and self-righteously the other side of indignant about the former (former! former! wheeeee!!!) Prime Minister, but eventually the good voters of Bennelong woke up to their collective selves and dispatched him to former-PM-land.

I'm way the other side of bored with reading - or not, as is usually the case - posts that begin "stupid leftists", but I've been singularly unsuccessful in finding anything halfway readable that begins "lobotomised reactionaries."

This has only ever been a personal, very small corner of the blogosphere. It's not replicated on twitter or digg or whatever those other places are meant to be. Like (probably) a very large percentage of the population, I'm not as clever as I'd like to think I am. So this blog has - more or less inevitably, to my way of thinking - veered towards the whimsical. Trouble is, I don't do a particularly compelling line in whimsical either, I suspect.

I've found in the past that if I say I'm closing down or going on sabbatical, something happens and all of a sudden I get rejuvenated.


See you round.


Ann ODyne said...

... right after you said "meanwhile ... " my screen said "Get PlugIn".

I refuse to YouTube. Never have. Will Not.

yet evahbodeeeeee seems to be relying on simply posting a YouTube link, and often with no text, so I cannot comment at all, even if it's something I know all about.

don't be a stranger.
Please drop-by F. G. Marshall-Stacks sometime - for my musical musings.

Lad Litter said...

Whimsy? As long as it's not a cavalcade of whimsy, it's okay. I dabble in it myself. Figure I've earned it. So keep posting, and feel free to be whimsical. I'll let you know if you're starting to read like late-era Enid Blyton. That's my territory.

JahTeh said...

Miss O'Dyne is right, YouTubing is lazy unless it's Phil and his great guitar work.

How about a bit of self promotion?

phil said...

Thank you all. I'm inspired to think of other collective nouns to describe multiple amounts of whimsy.

Over and out-ish.

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