05 July 2009

money can't buy me love

I'm on the road for a few days as of tomorrow so there will be no blogee during the week. Just doing the rounds of some reading tonight - to provide a suitable excuse to eat chocolate - and I find this.

I was initially somewhat surprised to find that there is a such a profession as "prison consultant" but really no one should be surprised by anything in a commercialised and commodified world.

Some commenters wonder where Madoff got the money to pay the consultant. I'm sure the State hasn't taken all $45750B or however much he stole. Yet.

Some commenters can't leave their pet peeves alone:

Forget about this man. It was impossible for him to do all this alone. Get the other people involved and find some of the money. Next the Justice Department should investigate and arrest those involved in the largest ponzi game in the world. Social Security and those in Congress. $50 trillion.
Bob, Sarver, USA

Can someone explain the difference between a ponzi scheme and our state pension?
G Brown, London, UK

The sheer number of comments points to how distasteful - hmm, I'm sure there's a better description - people found this case. On a quick glance, though, I couldn't see too many boosters for the so-called "light handed" regulation or indeed so-called "industry self-regulation". Investing is not gambling but any "mum and dad" type investor does rely on some semblance of transparency in the market.

Anyway, the chocolate beckons, as do other stories.

I did like the comment about Jasper the cat. And they probably didn't even know about First Dog.

If you have a couple of years to spare and are deeply interested in the global warming are you a denier or are you an environmental religous nut argument, then dive in
here. Be aware though, if you show all nearly 900 comments on one page, it freezes frequently.

Therefore, global warming is a hoax, I've just proved it.

Do have a lovely week.

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iODyne said...

I read the 5000-word Vanity Fair coverage of Madoff, and it seems the shifty stuff was hot-housed on one floor, and he really did keep everyone in the dark.
He should be made Minister Of Finance I reckon.

Moms & Pops Should Not be playing Money Games. Stock is no better than Race 5.

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