23 September 2009

after the fall

There are a couple of forms of blogging. In one case, the blog owner or author has demonstrable knowledge and competence in a given subject and will hold forth. There may be footnotes, references, there will be informed and (often) civilised discussion by commenters who, in many cases, will demonstrate equal facility and knowledge.

In another case, someone without a clue will trawl the interwebzzz and go omg, lookatthis, with some added feeble and invariably superfluous comment. For example:

Pot! Kettle! ROFLMAO!

This is just wrong wrong wrong and it makes my blood boil. But then, it's in a newspaper so can you actually believe it? Probably not. Even though it is The Times. And can I go on letting things that don't really concern me - unless I am genuinely alarmed at the decline in standards and schoolyard bullies and cyberbullying and sexual assaults by minors and why didn't we wake up in the 1960s at the damage we were doing to society and how did a generation of people grow up without any parenting skills whatsoever, well my kids don't have kids but they did they would be good kids because we brought our kids up with some sense of right and wrong, geez maybe I actually agree with what that former leader of the National Party, which one was he, there's been so many, ha ha, who said that the 1960s did all the damage, where was I, oh yes and another thing, these vigilantes that have got the NSW to change the law in respect of one person, well I don't know about that, even if he is very likely to reoffend, we can't let our children out of our sight, and where will it end, taking down public playgrounds because of the insurance liability, you can't have a cake stall any more, that Obama hey? space aliens, I mean Republicans and their tea parties, did you see that video clip, scary, I'm going to be armed next time, isn't that a direct threat of violence? and blah blah blah

Look at my last post, you get the point. Not sustainable.


JahTeh said...

I'll have you know Phil, that my blog is a very serious blog, the nekkid blokes are just decoration and in no way distract from the seriousness of my blogging.

Marshall-Stacks said...

is this about SpEak Your Brayne?

I do hope I have not been guilty here, of any of your listed sins.

going to follow links now

( ... why didn't I follow them before commenting?
A: because sometimes I get led far far astray and never get back to the Linker. I'll send up a flare though)

phil said...

(Insert appropriate comment here).

(maybe later).

BwcaBrownie said...

you don't have email visible.
my email is at the ann odyne profile.

I noticed Aston Martin was in the news the other day but I didnt follow it - I hope it wasnt cos they are doing a SUV

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