05 September 2009

modern times

So Mrs VVB and I are in the supermarket doing the weekly supermarketingthing, and the bloke on the PA says, "Would the customer with the red GT please return to your car, the windows are being smashed."

Of course that customer could have been in the butcher, the travel agent or the $2 shop.

I'm ashamed to admit that Mrss VVB and I both thought of driving around the car park on our way out to view the damage. But no obvious police presence to guide us....

What sort of lunch box did you have as a child?
Did you ever regret it?

And what was in it?

Perhaps this:

These treats were apparently made for people who love eating cheeseburgers and fries but who don't want to go through the hassle of mashing them together into a fine paste.
The above two via Look at this.

Last night I thought I had a brilliant opening to a post on the Ikea font-change war, a google for which brings up about thirty nine trillion hits.

But I use Trebuchet for this here blog.



Ann oDyne said...

Trebuchet huh?
I'm an Arial sorta person meself.
IKEA in any font is the same.

There are Font Freaks though, I know that. They have websites.
I had no lunchbox and wish to erase all memory of school lunches.

Smashing car windows is something I know about. When the smashed window is of the passenger area, it means your thief is experienced enough to not want the glass fragments on the driver's seat, ie., under his own backside.

JahTeh said...

Confession time, I am a font fanatic. I have a Klingon font and a Stargate font, neither of which I can read but they look pretty.
My lunchbox was a paper bag and I agree with Miss O'Dyne, erasing memory of school lunches...now.

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