26 September 2009

remote control

If I was a betting man my money would have been on the Cats, my heart was definitely with the Saints. I have kind of associations with both sides, if you draw a really long bow. But long bows are de rigeur when identifying associations that compel - or authorise, perhaps more accurately - one to support a particular sporing team. Bummer for the Saints, but.

Now for something completely different: the application of neo-classical economic theory to how you get to be king (too lazy to insert mandatory link for Python fans, just run the script in your head, I can hear you now, matter of fact):

Why is there only one Royal Family? In this age when the market solves all our problems, what we obviously need is choice and opportunity. The market for Royal Families should be open to anyone who wants to enter, and the public should choose who it wants to be Head of State at regular intervals, having considered what the various candidates offer. This would not quite be the current hereditary system, so we might call it something else; "republic" sounds about right.
And....whatever the other thing was that I was going to write about...and do you know, just by starting the sentence it came to me.


Pretty weird, eh?

Anyway I hope that they find some countervailing evidence or a methodological mistake or something, because I lose a lot of sleep. Thanks, work.
No, actually I lose a lot of sleep thinking about how I wish we lived in an age when you only had buttons for 'on' and 'off'.
Actually no, it's the work.

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BwcaBrownie said...

there isn't 'one royal family' - there's lots, and they are good value for all:
The Grimaldis are still the no.1 Bogan Royals, despite the Danes absorbing Tassie Mary into their palace.

That stupid 'survey' is just some 3rd year student dragging together a sample for a % of their Unit mark.
probably bloody Tulane the Wacker's Uni.
and those poor bloody mice!

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