24 December 2009

(not) leaving on a jet plane

There 's been a lot of snow and ice and generally cold stuff in the Northern hemisphere recently. Not entirely surprising as it is the winter season. But the stupendousness of the degree of cold and amounts of snow and icy stuff has played merry hell with transport systems including trains, planes and automobiles.

On the news the other night they were telling us all about this - it is news after all - and there were interviews with seriously inconvenienced travellers on both sides of the Atlantic, people who were travelling to be with family and friends at Christmas and weren't going to make it in time or at all, at all.

The interviews were enlightening for those who, like yer estimable correspondent here, just lurrve to jump to stereotypical conclusions.

The Yanks interviewed were philosophical and some could even laugh a bit about it. On the other hand (or side of the Atlantic I suppose, for consistency), the Poms without exception whinged, and whined, and moaned, and bleated, and "the gummint should do summat about it" and "where's me compensation?" and on and on and on and on.

Do we still let them in here or is it only bomb-toting reffos who get a guernsey?


Philip said...

is it only bomb-toting reffos who get a guernsey?

I am a stay-at-home Pom with better things to whinge about, which may be why I haven't the slightest idea what this means. I suspect that its surface structure (something about exploding football umpires taking possession of the Channel Islands) is deceptive.

Word Verification: varynant a parent's female sibling with pulsating luminosity.

phil said...

This is VVB, there's nothing under the surface, Phillip.

A glow-in-the-dark aunt, otoh, would be something to have under (or perhaps on) your Christmas tree.

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