20 December 2009

reeling in the years

So I'm thinking that we need to do a post, get back in the swing, you know.

The lack of posts has been the consequence of a couple of factors, including lots of work travel and also - probably of more import - a lack of inspiration.

I wonder whether anyone's done a carbon/pixel/heart attack count of the blogging over the non-event that was - eventually - COP15 at Copenhagen. You can just imagine them, can't you, banging away at their keyboards late at night, early in the morning, during the day when they were meant to be working, about how it was such a limp-dicked excuse for meaningful effort to combat climate change, or alternatively it is all just a resumption of teh left's desire for a collective State to reign over us in place of the poor excuse for representative democracy we have now, depending of course on where you happen to be.

VVB used to be driven by a loathing of John Howard so visceral, so elemental that if I'd been able to write better, do more research, actually concoct a rational argument, this might have been a successful blog. But...

Not sure where that last bit came from, it never appeared likely in the slightest.

Anyway with the workload not declining and spending a lot of time on the road away from even reading blogs and similar sources of bile and opinion, yet again the urge to blog has ebbed.

You get things that might induce a short post. Such as what is it about soccer that provokes levels of violence not associated with other codes of football. Even when it appears - and here I don't know as I don't follow the game - that the teams involved are not immediately associated with ethnic groups who used to provide the

(3 days later)

the what? damn good question. That and a

(2 days later again)

It's Christmas Eve and all around us are doing what people do on Christmas Eve which is, of course, blog.

I thought of something really good to blog about while Mrs VVB and I were wending (what is that wending stuff - I've never done it knowingly but it just jumped off the keyboard) our way home, but by the time I'd got home and had a little lie down it had utterly disparu.

Anyway Merry Christmas to all deluded souls who pass by here and I promise that 2010 will be another year.

Although in what way, I cannot foretell.


BwcaBrownie said...

from memory, so it may not be accurate... 'homeward bound the ploughman wends his weary way' and I think it's Gray's elegy in a country churchyard, then again it could all be hallucination.
and here's a great blog - I think he is a soccer player retired, a rich bad hedonistic man, or TERRIFIC LIAR - http://dickheadley.blogspot.com/2009/12/merry-christmas-from-tesco.html

enjoy yourself tomorrow, thinking of JWH in that caravan park he always spends christmas in.

phil said...

That post reminded me of something I was going to blog about - so provided I can remember it after I finish this comment, I will. And I don't think of JWH at all, at all, any more.

Philip said...

The Chambers Dictionary says that wend is from Old English wendan, "a common Germanic verb". But it doesn't say what the common Germanic verb meant. Perhaps it was just one of those words that some speakers inject into their sentences for rhythm rather than meaning, like "right" or "fackin".

Word Verification: oulamea, Younglondonese for "oh, allow me to exit".

phil said...

Trust me to alight on a common Germanic verb, rather than something made by Mercedes Benz, for example.

oulamea: I would refer you to the last exclamation Chrissie Amphlett makes on Boys in Town. Same intention, I believe.

Ann ODyne said...

dear car maven Phil - no Mercs in it but do you know anyone who might like a May 1966 issue of Rod & Custom magazine?

phil said...

Ummm...........well, no, not personally. I'll ask around...

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