29 December 2009


In the olden days if you wanted to know what the weather was going to do, you'd listen to the radio and after about 5 months they would report whatever Lennox Walker said it was going to do.

Now you sit glued to the pooter monitor watching the Bureau of Meteorology website. Some times this is exciting, like when you are watching a big storm come over. Once we were watching a big storm come over and then there was a big bang quite close outside, and then the screen went black along with, it must be said, the rest of the insides of the computer, the cordless phone and a number of other eeee-lectrical appliances.

That was in the days when our part of Brisbane used to get storms. After a while we noticed we weren't getting as many and it became quite safe to watch the BOM website, secure in the knowledge that, inevitably, any big yellowy-red-rendered storm would bifurcate perfectly about a kilometre away and miss us entirely.

This is also true of our little corner of sunny Capricornia. It rains in Mackay, it rains over Shoalwater Bay, it rains over Gladstone, it pisses down over the Sunshine Coast but any random blobs of blue coming our way do the bifurcation boogie just the other side of Keppel and we get none.

What a bummer.

When I was at school we had to study Shakespeare and stuff. I don't recall us ever studying any contemporary literature, but that said I don't recall lots of things from school. Now of course the kiddy-winks get their heads stuffed with whatever flavour-of-the-month politically correct garbage the relevant State Teacher's Union deems fit to include.

Anyway it doesn't matter because you can go on the internet and find things like
this. Sheer brilliance, not to mention hilarious, it gives you the shits that other peoples can write so good.

Found via Phillip CHallinor, who will bear watching as the UK elections draw near. He has a low tolerance of chicanery, he also seems to have more than one man's fair share of chicanery of which to be intolerant.


Philip said...

Phillip CHallinor

wot speling eh?

Word Verification: stencid, a mis-drawn member of an undesignated phylum.

Philip said...

But thanks for the link anyway. Actually, it isn't the chicanery in itself that annoys, but the fact that so little is done to cover it up. They just can't be bothered to deceive us properly any more, and it's an insult to our intelligence.

Word Verification: prosup, a member of a radical politicoprandial splinter group favouring late evening meals.

phil said...

I deliberately left the H capitalised so that readers would go to your site and say, "Oh Phillip, it's Him."

Actually I didn't, but I would have if I'd have thought of it in time.

Philip said...

What about the double L, then? Was this also a product of your messianic investment, or is that just the way Philip is always pronounced in Strylian?

Word Verification: boanef, something involving zebra parts; etymology uncertain.

phil said...

There's an explanation which would, to you, sound about as likely as anything to emanate from, say, Lord Mandelson the Infinitely Recurring.

However what you will get from me is an apology - here it comes, "I'm sorry" - which I get the feeling is not what you'd get from those whom others - not you, mind - dub ZanuLiebour.

Ann ODyne said...

followed the link obediently ... "just from looking around my bedroom" made me think that guy contributes to Listopia's Checkout Freakout lists.

Then I followed the link to phiLL and realised I was there yesterday ... thinking his gravatar was Ron Burke in Creature From The Black Lagoon title-role, but too scared to click enlarge it for verification.
Wasn't this post about rain?
South of the Murray it is dry and hot and I am packed to run just in case this house doesn't repeat it's luck in 1944 when the stone church next door was totalled in the big fires.

Highriser likes RainRunner radar maps when it's coming down. Lovely blue bubbles it haz.
Stay Cool

Prenderghast said...

We're blushing here. Thank you for the lovely comment. The stupidity of modern life makes our job easy.

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