02 March 2006

Friday catblogging

A day late, I've just turned the calendar over the computer desk to March and, as the calendar is of Abyssinians, there's another heartbreakingly beautiful photo of these delightful creatures. We've had two - both got skittled by cars and so no more Aby pusses for us until we live in a quieter street. Here's a picture of the first one, Baxter, not long after we got him - he's about 3 months old in this photo. He was killed at 7 months.


Anonymous said...

That's why we don't have a fancy cat, even though we had a string of Siamese if you please when I was a kid and got attached to them.

Many generations later, I think they are generally crazier.

The dog is not dumb about cars, but she does believe they should all slow down and stop for her, so she goes out on a leash.

- barista

phil said...

Clever dog. We are left with one aged moggie who doesn't venture outside the gate at all, at all.

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