30 March 2006

I've got a brand new pair of rollerskates

Well I don't really, but that will have to do for a working title in the inconsistent theme of song titles/lyrics as post headers. Note to self - if I'm going to have a theme of of song lyrics and titles, I will need to become very, very consistent.

Yesterday's most serendipitous confluence of events still sits lightly on my heart and I have a sample - in fact I have a population - of one response that I should become a storyteller. That fits with my notion of learning to write for others and, serendipitously again, over at Larvatus Prodeo they are about to examine this very idea as part of an
examination of why people blog and how they came to do so.

That said, I want to maintain the semi-anonymity of the blog - except for all those (3) I told about it - so I'll have to choose the stories carefully. Then, tonight I ran across
this and wonder how on earth I can compete.

Then I remember - it's
not a competition.

In some people's eyes I've lived a very interesting life and done some...unusual...things. But it's all relative and I get more affected by the stories of insight, breakthrough and generosity of spirit that I read about all over the place that, superficially, might seem more everyday. I've been fortunate to have lived in some pretty exotic places and those places have provided me with the settings and characters (one day, I'll talk about how holding hands with the motor mechanics was a prerequisite for getting the office cars fixed. Yes, they were blokes - brothers in fact) for some good yarns.

But I feel that any stories I tell will need to have a point - a moral, if you like. If I get really, really good, the moral will be there for the taking but, if not, I'll have to make it evident. So tonight's very little story is contained in the comments/responses
here. It's about how people who don't even know each other can come to a realisation that the things that separate us are less...important...than the realisation of the best traits that bind us.



tigtog said...

Oh, you've discovered Chris Clarke! Chris definitely is one of the finer writers out there, but that doesn't mean the rest of we taletellers don't have a place.

Go for it, Phil!

phil said...

True, tigtog. Just visited your place and I really have to learn myself some formatting. When offspring no 1 visits, we hope shortly, he can show me as he knows HTML (he simply can't be bothered investing such time on his own site). And anyone who's an Emma Peel fan is OK by me.

Anonymous said...

Phil, I like and appreciate your writing as well, as does my partner. I just don't comment very often because I don't feel that I have very much meaningful to add.

Typically I find myself wanting to write "yes! agreed!" or (on some uber-right-wing blogs I read to keep a finger on the pulse) "NO! you're a fscking idiot! I hope you get trapped in a limepit!", but I can't help thinking that this is pointless and a waste of a good comment space.

I think this could make a good addition to blogs - have buttons people can click on that register their approval, uncertainty or disapproval in a simple, ternary manner.

I don't think this would discourage real, thoughtful comments, which are, at the very least, equally important.


Offspring #1's former housemate :-)

Anonymous said...


personally i love(d) hearing about your adventures OS so i reckon thats a nice little angle you could take on this blog.

i must say, you are one of the few people i know whos written words carry just as much humour, wit and sarcadsm as they do when you physically speak.


tigtog said...

Hi again Phil. Good to see you telling some stories - I like them a lot but have nothing witty or moving to add there.

Re formatting - it's a lot of fun to tweak the look, for sure. It's not too hard to copy some code from a site you like and play around with it with your own images etc. You can even set up another blogspot just to play with templates until you get it right before you actually change the look of your blog here. Many hours to be happily wasted there, so you might prefer to concentrate on the storytelling.

phil said...

Thanks tigtog. I've got another site registered but, as you say, finding the time...

Anonymous said...

Gods indeterminate? - where's the point in that. I tried to respond to one of your previous blogs, Phil, with no success - think I will will have to come up with a blog identity.

Love the stories - and the ranting - unlike your dearly beloved, I'm happy to let the husband head butt the television every time the rhodent appears - I'm working on a bigger screen - I figure one more decent coverup and I'll have one!

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