23 March 2006

workin' for the man

I was pleased to see a number of letters to the Editor in today's SMH also congratulating Pat and Don Brown. It's quite lump-in-the-stomach forming to read such letters and to see the support that comes from all around. No answers in such letters - usually just more questions - but they are questions that need to be asked. In my more hopeful moments I think that just asking these questions more often and by more people will help bring about change.

We sure need it -
here's another look at everything that's wrong with You ain't got no Choices you proles. It's complex, will be costly to implement that might even offset some of the savings made through firing people for no good reason, other than you'd have to pay them the proper rate, it's outrageously weighted towards the interests of capital over labour and it's based on blind ideological hatred: no analysis at all.

Don't look at me, I didn't vote for 'em.

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