19 March 2006

if I were a rich man

Kevin Andrews, Spokesrobot on IR for the Get back in your place, you proles Corporation, quotes Productivity Commission research: "The Productivity Commission said in a recent report that if we continue this sort of reform in Australia that it can lead to an increase in household income of up to $22,000 for Australians." So let's just analyse that statement.

  1. "This sort of reform": what does that mean? Just IR? Or the whole Washington Consensus bag of tricks?
  2. "Up to": obvious, really. Just like the Uruguay Round was going to deliver up to $6b (yeah, that was Keating, I know, they all do it).
  3. "$22,000": everyone? Really?
  4. "Can": well, I suppose it can. It can also lead to people losing their jobs and being exploited beyond any semblance of decency.

I'm still trying to chase down the $22,000 reference within the productivity Commission website. Have also tried Andrews' own ministerial website, WorkHarderUF**ckers" website and ComLaw. Still lookin' (can't get a proper researcher when I need one!).

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