30 June 2009

meat loaf

Working as I do in the region that is home to the beef capital of Australia, and exhibiting a growing affinity for chocolate, chips and other various Saturday afternoon munchies such as dips, and with a cheddar cheese habit that defies imagination, and in the midst of current debate about advertising fast food to children, I found this article intriguing.

Seems like those clever processed food people have more than subliminal advertising up their sleeve. Well, let's be frank, they also have patently blatant advertising, but they are 'engineering' more food to make us want to eat...more.

Am I getting my vegetable-replicated Rolf Harris endorsed five pieces of fruit and vegetable each day? Well, I get more than a lot of people. I have a fetish for oranges that of course erupts into full bloom at this time of year, and simultaneously does my teeth no end of damage.

I adore raw carrots and cauliflower, I just don't get them out of the fridge for a munch as often as I do, er, chocolate, for example.

Why is that?


Ann ODyne said...

re oranges, tooth-enamel, and 'acid environment':

recent shock result of dentist visit was that despite "excellent oral hygiene" the enamel on my teeth is worn away.
WTF? I ask, and
My Recipient-Of-Many-Dollars said
"acid environment".

Everything is acid! Oranges, all other fruit, sugar, drinks, WINE.

good luck.
oh fer godssakes.

JahTeh said...

Because Phil, how do I say this delicately, nup, can't, you, like the rest of us, are a pig where chocolate is concerned.

I should get paid by comma for commenting here.

The only hope for us is to have chocolate coated vegetables or vegetable shaped chocolates. My vote goes to the latter.

phil said...

a) Change dentists. Dip the oranges in the wine for extra bite.

b) Chocolate coated commas, they're all yours.

tomic said...

I'm not sure where noodles fit in here. But they surely must.

phil said...

The Asian takeaway (well, you can eat in but the surroundings are far from conducive) makes a very passable laksa.

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