05 January 2010

baby don't speak no evil

Extract from an article in a journal I was reading yesterday:

Cloud computing is made possible by new technologies for virtualising
applications from hardware so they can scale, by architecting applications as standardised multi-tenant web services, by engineering for massive scale and by simplifying the way users access applications using the internet.
I was relieved to see that Blogger's spell check, which I usually find pretty useless (for example, it doesn't give me anything useable at my usual mistyping of 'start' as 'strat'), at least found itself flummoxed by 'virtualising' and (oh yes) 'architecting.' That said, I was somewhat surprised to see that spell check did not recognise 'internet', although, given that this is a blogging tool, maybe it was looking for 'intertubez.'

No, it doesn't like that either.

Anyway, back to the article. I imagine that a time-honoured way for the IT profession to gouge fees, where there aren't fees to be gouged, is to write their proposals, reports and recommendations in something approaching Klingon in the hope that management will be impressed. Or, more likely, that no-one in management will have the fortitude to admit that they don't understand what is being put to them.

Well, that's my theory (my other one is about


(Whispers) Actually, it's not mine at all.

(Tee hee.)


Oh, and go
here and here to read some interesting comments threads. The UK will be the place to watch this year. I've commented previously that the Brit papers (mainly) do comments better than here, although the stab 'em and throw away the key brigade can be found out in force elsewhere, and parodied to within an inch of their lives at speek yer brrrranes.

But the UK election will put the Rudd/Abbott megacagefightshowdown ofthedecade (that's provided the decade has actually
started, of course) in the shade, I reckon.

* I promise never to write 'tee hee' in a post ever again, at all.

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