15 January 2010

in the mood

Some x months ago I would do a Friday night post featuring a YouTube clip of some band or song I really like or I thought was appropriate to a Friday mood.

Some y years before that I would occasionally do a post on one of the many cars that I have owned over the years, using as a motif the 1/43 scale model of that car from my 'collection.'

Now I don't do nothin'. Two weeks back at work - the first was great, whereas at about 9.10 am this last Monday I raised my voice (I think for the first time in the two and a bit years I've been here) and then punched a 4-drawer cabinet (definitely the first time).

Yes, we're back in the swing (insert YouTube clip of Sparks here, or not, depending on whether I can be bothered, no, I couldn't as you will have seen by now).

I'm still spending the odd angry hour trawling the comments threads of stories in the Times, because these provide the backdrop to the mood of the British nation as it heads into the general election which I suspect may be the major political story of the year. It'll put Kevin10 to shame.

But there's not much else to say, so I won't. I'm not in the mood and, as I've observed before, there's plenty of others who do it better if you really want to engage.

But some of
this stuff will surely get you wondering.

The diversity of human...well, it's not really undertaking, is it?

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