31 January 2010

who let the dogs out

Courtesy of the House of Pants, and only because one can no longer comment thereabouts, we bring you this story. Because, if you want to buy a dog, the first place you think of is Africa.

Her Pantsitude also
comments on the appearance at the Chilcott Inquiry by Tony Blair. I've been following this myself including at some of the same links. And only once - which I'd be unable to find again inside a fortnight - have I seen a reference to the astounding lack of recognition of Australia's major, major role in the Iraq invasion as spruiked by our very own, once-was, Man of Steel.

Yes, we had a carefully manufactured minor role that could be embellished into something else, like a Special Relationship with the then US president. But no mention at all in the articles, it's like we weren't there at all. Now why would that be?


Ann ODyne said...

nobody ever shuts up about Australians landing at Gallipoli in WW1 because they were massacred, but our forces are not getting massacred in Iraq.

I read Pants too.

That's So Pants said...

Hi Phil

Pants here. Australia means only two things to British people 1) Neighbours 2) The place Aunt Desley and Uncle Owen emigrated to in 1963.

Thanks for the mention.


Philip said...

Also, the Gallipoli thing took place when Australia was still a Dominion, and it involved Mel Gibson. Whereas John Howard managed the Iraq thing all on his ownsome.

Word Verification: croxowl, a bird of prey with a bad cough.

phil said...

Thanks everybody. All we are missing is the Scientologists.

Philip said...

Word Verification: habouns. I don't know who they are, but they're nicking all the jobs and houses.

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