12 February 2010

i want a new drug

I found one.

This is totally against Nature! People are meant to starve. Is an incentive for them to go to Church. Once you start feeding people who should rightly be dead, Heaven will be empty!

There is just so much goodness in this big wide wonderful world. I want someone to pay what I earn now - oh all right, pay me what I'm worth.....aaaagh OK, pay me a bit less than that - fuck it then pay me a lot less - so I can just trawl blogs all day.

I want to turn to blancmange.

Oh OK, I'm already blancmange, I wanna be more sort of custard-like.


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Ann ODyne said...

blanc mange ?
I got down to that very weird bogs May 27 post,
"One of the upsides to all this kerfuffle about sexual*abuse and the clergy is that it will lay to rest forever the argument that priests are in no position to offer marital or sexual advice because of their lack of esperience. On the contrary, we now know that priests have been getting much more s*x than the rest of the adult population and are therefore probly in a far much better position to offer tips about handjobs, bl*wjobs, snowjobs, dogging, catting, and hamstering than any of the so-called "experts" in the back pages of Marie-Claire, Cosmoplolitan, and Model Railroader magazine. I know that if ever I was having sexual*problems, such as a disobedient wife or p*nis, the first person I would go to ask about it would be Father Pedro. Well, after I had spoken to the girl at Samaritans on the phone and pulled myself off; I don't want to turn up at Father Pedro's and halfway through our frank and candid discussion about rubberwear develop an unwanted espression of friendliness in my trousers that he might miscontrue."

and even the comments are hilarious (do look for K8the Gr8's)

No need to thank me for my
'pron-searcher thwarting' editing there either.

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