06 February 2010

send in the clowns

We went to the local club tonight - we do this occasionally for exactly the same reasons that tens of thousands of our fellow Aussies do on a Saturday night: Mrs VVB doesn't have think about what to have for dinner, and I don't have to wash up.

We sat outside, it's warm but the onshore breeze is some consolation, although not as much as if it had been cooler.

Being patriotic Aussies we thought we'd better do the right thing and put a couple of dollars through the pokies.

Mind you, we haven't thought of doing this on previous visits...

Anyway, and
this is where the story really begins, the last time either of us played a poker machine you had to put 20 cents in and pull a lever.

It's a bit more complicated now. The only reason it took us 5 minutes, rather than 5 seconds, to lose $2 was because we couldn't figure out which buttons to press.

There is an upside, of course. From now on we can go to the club and benefit from the subsidised food and drink, restful in the knowledge that we can't do the 'right thing' and put a few bucks through the pokies because we're too stupid to use them.

Earlier today I thought of a funny, and being of somewhat vindictive nature I thought I should share it.

Imagine, if you will, a crowd of Kevin Rudd supporters at a protest...

"What do we want?"

Programmatic specificity!"

"When do we want it?"

In the fullness of time!"

Laugh? I thought I'd never start.


BwcaBrownie said...

yes exactly.
on all points you made.
Recently, staying at a motel in unfamiliar territory, I had an excellent meal at the local(gambling franchise hotel). Clean fresh quiet dining room, plus Seniors Card discount was hilarious, which caused me to drop the $2 coin into the slot nearest the exit. Absolute minutes of wonderment resulted in a $6 return.
A Good Night All Round really.

2. when the dating results in a sparkly ring to show the world He loves you, the happy girl never imagines a lifetime of DEVISING nightly meals to delight the eye and palate. It's the devising that wears you out, not the preparation or clean-up.
Marriages would last longer if the non-cook spouse presented a written 7-day menu, answering the question
"what do you want for dinner next Thursday night?"
cheers, I am off to those links now - have learned to comment first, as links often lead one astray, beyond any hope of return.

Marshall-Stacks said...

All hail St.Don of Watson!
As it is now clear that the one appealing aspect of KRudd is that he is more bearable than JWinstonH,
his 'programmatic specificity' is clearly from the H.Appleby School of Management's
"'If no one knows what you're doing, then no one knows that you're doing wrong.'"

Author Orton's
"NO MORE ZOMBIES JOE", is the mantra of my blogger pal Ms Pants, and I concur.

phil said...

The answer is always sausages, although after a few days this starts to pall.

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