13 February 2010


They're thinking of putting up the Value Added Tax (VAT) in Britain. Comments are running about 95% that it's "Zanulabour's" fault and 5% think it's the greedy bankers. However, amongst all the ranting and the inevitable couple of comments from US readers that British folk are doomed because they allowed the government to take away their right to bear arms (failing to distinguish the difference in intent - and outcome - between a government that taxes you and a government that kills you, but nevermind..), we get to the core of the problem:

Since the 1970's, successive governments were convinced (largely by radical feminists) to create and fund a growing multitude of social programs for every cause imaginable.
Wait until Mrs VVB gets home and learns about this. There will be a very serious conversation, I assure you.


BwcaBrownie said...

how will you convince her that the theory is not YOUR doing?

it sounds like a SPeAk YouR Brane
going to link now

BwcaBrownie said...

1. oops this link appears to be broken
2. Error 404

I reckon evil Femmos have hacked into it

phil said...

All my theories are not belong to me.

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