11 February 2010

talkin' bout my generation

Look Mum, they're talking about us.

What a shame there aren't 923 insightful - or asinine - comments to plough through.

Through which to plough.

Or plow.

Meanwhile, the Australian Financial Review reports that a lot of board members of the Business Council of Australia think that, now we have sailed through the GFC - no thanks to the government - we need to get back on the reform horse. Labour market deregulation. Taxation reform. The usual suspects.

On the front page, three of Australia's most patently right-wing radio talkback 'hosts' (Alan Jones, Neil Mitchell and Howard Sattler) reckon that the PM has lost the people, they're no longer listening to him.

On both of these issues I am reminded of
Mandy Rice-Davies, a young lady who remains on the money nearly 50 years after making her famous quip.

Famous Quip would be a good name for a band, too.


Ann ODyne said...

Oh Mandy! A legend.

HighRiser.blogspot has posted on Malcolm TurnCoat and I will go there next and mention that he was a director of Goldman Sachs.
He is richly evil, and evilly rich, but I wouldn't mind him running the country - and I have never voted Liberal in my 40+ eligible years.

Ann ODyne said...

back now, from the link to the wonderful Times piece.
Parris is right on the the case - it is The Times after all.
On the budgie smuggling topic, please do visit Blogger On A Cast Iron Balcony for the horrifying green lycra snap of Abbott's lunchbox.
I truly think he just wants the country to think size is everything and no, it is NOT. he is VILE.

Lord Sedgwick said...

I was more your Christine Keeler kinda bloke.

But of course that's what I wou ....

phil said...

snap, yer holiness

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