09 February 2010

trudge over bribbled water (*)

Surely this is a bridge too far:

Many young economists, scientifically oriented and so recognizing
the superiority of free markets, found the climate intellectually
Out of context of course, but jeez, really? Are all scientists free-marketeers? Someone need a little basic logic to get them to the end of their article?

If you want a countervailing argument to how free market ideas actually get promulgated, try this.

Alternatively, just bash your head into the computer while reading the comment stream of consciousness on whether
Britain is broken. Just be prepared - you'll need several hours, not least because you can't put all comments on one page. Maybe Britain is broken.

(*) possibly not the correct title...


Philip said...

Are all scientists free-marketeers?

Are any economists "scientifically oriented", at least to any greater extent than astrologers, theologians or science journalists?

Word Verification: uplingsp, a Swedish practice of unpronounceable perversity.

BwcaBrownie said...

Thank you for the kind offer of an alternate option, the one I chose actually. I bash my head a lot, not only because of my reading, thanks to you, of SpeAk Your BrANe blog.

Bwca needs some follower promulgation and I there4 commend thebwca.blogspot.com to you

傢伙 said...

這麼優的部落格一定要持續下去! ..................................................

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