17 February 2006

Clancy of Kirribilli

This is just brilliant. Via Barista.

More later this weekend. After I've vacuumed up the rest of the glass......

Much later that weekend...well I did a final cleanup on the brewing area. But I'd moved the remaining dozen into the downstairs toilet on the assumption it would be easier to clean, being tiled and all. Hmmmm..not really. Wifey went to use the same toilet on Saturday night and wondered, why is the door scratching the floor...and what's that smell? That would be another 6 bottles. And I heard one just a few minutes ago - a bit muffled because I'd put the remaining half doz in a box, to minimise flying shards of glass. A bit.

And I don't really have much else to talk about. There's a very deep and meaningful going on over at Armaniac's about the comparative breeding rates of Muslims and anglo Australians/French/Europeans. All backed up by conflicting stats (lies, damned lies and statistics, etc). It seems to me that the current hysteria is over-informed by recent events and a more sober assessment over the long term would yield different outcomes. Policy decisions do need to be made at a point in time - the hope we place in our elected representatives is that they take that long view.

As for Minister Abbot's fall-back feelgood proposal - cop it sweet, sunshine, and get out of our faces. For a party that is always condemning the left for social engineering, they seem awfully content to do it themselves.

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Yes. That is quite good.

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