11 February 2006

do I have to do everything around here myself?

You useless buggers. I can only assume that your lives contain more useful things for you to do than mine.

Anyway I was having a think about the last post (NB: not the
Last Post) and suggest this as analysis and/or basis for any conversation that may - or more likely may not, at least hereabouts - occur. It goes like this:

  1. when we all kicked off (2004) we wondered why it was us, not the exec level - didn't we?
  2. Ms Harmony's bolter of an idea was aimed at the exec level;
  3. as conceived, it would certainly be a great piece of fun with the potential to actually have some beneficial outcomes on any exec selected for the exercise;
  4. but if you look at who we discussed would be good candidates, I think you can draw a direct line to my "those who deserve a boot up the date" comment - or is this way too harsh?
  5. if valid, though, it takes us back to square 1: there were candidates in the exec who were recognised as needing change but that was too difficult, so instead a whole bunch of us got a paid introspective examination and outlook rectification - for which we are grateful of course;
  6. I am genuinely sorry ashamed that my initial response was a quick listing of the impediments, because that is very prehistoric (ie the history that started in 2004) thinking - but I'll need to keep my black hat and argue them out with you because the black hat says they're valid. Which is its job, after all.

So who's yellow?

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