13 February 2006

key question: "Nursie, where is my pill?"

Public servants gagged from speaking at Senate Estimates. Scientists gagged from speaking on climate change. Don't have links on these, they were just on the ABC news and hence suspect I guess - I do subscribe to the Australian but I really should pay it more attention than I do.

I just despair (don't want to use the word hate) - what this corrupt criminal mendacious lying pack of bastards - otherwise known as the government - is doing to our accepted notion of representative democracy and good government (much as I think that is a wanky term). Bloody Kim's up there waving his arms about and enunciating like a champion but none of it hits home (mind you the PM's arrogant, dismissive demeanour means nothing will ever make a mark) and Kim only sounds like a high school debater.

I'm so angry, I really should change my key question in the tagline from "why can't we be nicer to each other" to "what will it take to rid this wonderful country of this corrupt criminal mendacious pack of lying bastards?"

Time for my pill. Nursie??


Anonymous said...

But at least we have Danna Vale to save us.

News.com has it that her Sydney electorate of Hughes takes in parts of Sutherland Shire where the race riots took place last December. Mixing racial and religious fears like she did in her "pill" comments today means that she is either very very stupid, is pandering to those fears for electoral gain, or quite possibly both.

If Howard had any integrity at all he would sack her. As if.

phil said...

1) My money's on 'both'. Requirement for preselection.
2) Hah!
3) Agreed.

Helen said...

It's instructive that there is a big furore framed as "freedom of speech issues" around the right to publish offensive cartoons when, both in Australia and the US, climate change scientists have been gagged. And the regular parliamentary "gags" that go on here.

Commiserations about your beer.

Anonymous said...

tarring muslim people with the same brush V publishing debate on science few understand. its all about whatever sells copy.


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