13 February 2006

new measures of success...

The sound of exploding beer bottles downstairs. Looks like brew 6 was in fact OK and I may well have bottled a day early. Will need to wait and see whether they all blow or only some. Have had three go off in the last half hour.

Update: have been out for a couple of hours looking at nursing hostels (long story). Three more bots have gone off in the 10 minutes I've been back. Not game to go downstairs - the last time I did I suffered cuts to arms and legs when a bottle went off in front of me. I reckon there will soon be 20 litres of beer sloshing around down there, all mixed in with broken glass.

Another update: after having gone downstairs in full protective gear: nine bottles standing out of the 55-odd I filled. What a waste!

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Anonymous said...

9 bottles out of 55 a waste? depends on whether you see the glass 84% empty or 16% full...

save them all for me. simple.


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