22 February 2006

meanwhile, in non Howard-hating news...

Last time I looked, I had 5 bottles of Spicy Ghost left. That was a few days ago. I hope at least one survives so I can test it.

I've put the Maton in for a check and, being exceptionally lazy, a restring. I used to do my old Yamaha - also a 12-string - myself, but thought I'd get the good one done professionally. Only had to take out a small loan to pay for the strings.

The model car collection has expanded quite a bit and now that the digital camera is back in action, I'll photograph them all and do a small series on each. I've still got about 6 or 8 to get, mainly the boring-as-batshit Jap cars I've over the years including such stupendous examples of the carmakers' art as the Mazda 323, the Datsun 1200 and 180B and Toyotas Crown and Corolla. Might also have to bite the bullet and order the Mk1 Triumph 2000 which I can only get in handmade white metal from the UK. Costs more than the real one did when I bought it in 1970, almost.

The really bad news is that I'll miss out on the coffee catch up with Ms Harmony, Mr Infrastructure and Mr Unguarded Moment tomorrow. Ms Used-to-be-an-RSM is, like me, otherwise engaged.

The really good news is that I scored a "hee hee, great blog name" on Larvatus Prodeo the other night. Well done me!

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