15 February 2006

cogito, ergo blogabo

Actually, Latin was the only class I was ever ejected from. Long story...

For pretty much the whole several weeks that vvb has been in existence, I've thinking about what I've been saying here. About the Federal, or Australian, or Commonwealth Government. Universally known as the Howard government for blindingly obvious reasons. You've figured out how much I loathe 'em. Point is, what good does it do for me to repeat it here. It's not as if it makes me feel any better any more. Which is also why I turn off the news now because of the automatic reaction I have to certain voices. They're in my head: "We're in power. We always will be. We were born to rule but that doesn't matter any more because we have - in ten short years - subverted all the instruments of government that took decades - centuries - to perfect. You won't ever find us out. Ya boo sucks, you effete latte-sipper."

In a sort of self-justification sense, I can rationalise that I'm bearing witness, but not to too many people. So maybe I'll give that theme a break for a while. I really don't know. I do need to get more active in other ways. I'm not a party member and have good reasons not to be so it's some other form of civic action I guess.

Wifey and I marched against the war. That did a lot of no good, eh? Well done us.

End of first position reflection. Just had to post something. Done.

And I don't drink lattes.

A little later. Went a blew off a little steam on the guitar. But the last few weeks I've had really painful fingers which the household resident medical expert says is arthritis. In which case the new (ish) guitar won't ever be getting too much more exercise. And it needs new strings. Now I've made myself all sad again. Bummer.

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