27 February 2006

twiddly twiddly twangle

Have just been giving the Maton a light workout. I love the sound of new strings and on a 12 string it's just magic. So the neighbours got some strumming and cat yowling which, if they were able to decipher, would have been interpreted as Hickory Wind and Dead Flowers with a bit of 4 Tops and some Dragon thrown in. Anonymous Chris will undoubtedly have a view on my song selection but - as stated - trying to identify the difference between them would have been fraught. When I picked the guitar up from the shop the bloke commented that it was a nice item and had I tried their Cole Clark 12? Fearing he was going to grab it off the wall and demand I give everyone a demo, I said no and had to admit that I'm a shit guitarist, I just like to own nice things if I can afford them. I'm in the process of becoming aspirational. Just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

cant fault the song choices bar dragon... unless it was 'april sun in cuba' of course... :)


phil said...

Chris: No, it was "This Time". April Sun is my favourite and I play it quite regularly, but I actually think Dragon wrote a fair few nice 'hook-ey' songs. I like Yound Years and Are you old enough. We were overseas while they were popular so I never knew their work at that time.

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