10 May 2007

48 crash

After a weekend of security software woes, the motherboard threw up its...bits...and died earlier this week. So we had Hung the repair bloke in today to set up offspring no 2's new Dell as the main 'pooter and he took the dead one away to see if it could be resuscitated. Let's hope so - that's where all the piccies, and CVs, and other stuff including favourites settings etc were stored. When the security programs started malfunctioning we'd tried to save all that but two attempts to burn to disk had failed as it kept telling I had the wrong type of disk, even though I (surprise) used different sorts of disks. Remember my comment the other day about how much 'technical' stuff you need to know to keep a home 'pooter going? Well, QE bloody D.

And offspring no 2 uses her (even newer) Mac notebook. She does well for someone without a full time job, eh? How does this happen?

Let me tell you: transfer payments. Economic vandalism. Voodoo economics.

I'll never get my Audi RS4 at this rate...

And there won't be any more Tasmania pictures unless we can retrieve from the old hard disk.


JahTeh said...

Aaaah you've frightened me Phil. I've only just learnt to change my pointer to an animated dinosaur. I can have a yellow or a green one and I didn't know they were there.
What else is lurking in the shadows?

phil said...

Meh - tell me about it. Hung managed to retrieve the data off the old hard disk - the failure was transformer, not motherboard forunately. Still have to relaod all that to retrieve e-mail addresses and so on. And he reset the wireless LAN which, immediately after he trousered the readies, seemed to stop working on the upstairs computer. How does that happen? It's like when the chronic car problem becomes an intermittent as soon as you take the car to the garage.

Offspring no 2's macbook can still connect. Small mercies etc.

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