05 May 2007

get it on (bang a gong)

Well I don't know how it's happened but suddenly the need to post every day has just dissipated. Yep, she's gone, just disparu. So what you'll get here is pretty much just a random smattering of stuff where I came, I saw and thought it was sorta kinda interesting but if you don't find it thus, well, tough.

(1) Why does SBS feel it needs to air a "some viewers may find this program offensive" warning for Iron Chef, for crying out loud? Who's going to be offended -
those intolerant of iron?

(2) What about the print and TV ads for the private medical insurance system? What's brought that on? Early election, anyone? I love it, my tax dollars at work. How about chucking it into Medibank, you bastards? Oh, we have to support the private system? Of course, I like totally understand.

Bang a gong, we are on!).

(3) Julia Gillard needs to drop the year 11 debating team phrasing. If that's her normal mode of delivery then it needs to change, quick smart.

(4) The drought and its immediate effect on the spreading acres of chateau VVB. When we first moved here, I used to sweep up the leaves every Saturday morning. That eventually reduced to every fortnight. We've tried various leaf vacuums and blowers, both petrol and electric. I currently have a nice wide yard broom which is not only environmentally friendlier but also quicker. But getting out every weekend is still a pain so there's only a couple of bits I do that regularly.

Today I went down to the pool area and the quantity of very dry, brown leaves all around was astounding. The pool's been shut - it has a leak and as we can't fill it, the water doesn't come up the skimmer box level any more. We'll have to buy water to put in so I can run it when the bloke who has the machine that finds leaks (and goes bing, presumably) comes out. That's going to be an expensive repair. The trees are thinning out, the leaves look dry and lifeless. But when I look in the real estate section of the weekly magazine, everything's so green. How so, I wonder?

(5) Why would spell check not pick up sorta and kinda. Oh, I know...

Anyway, gotta go, time for Rockwiz. During the week I picked up some Stevie Ray Vaughan and today I got some
Fabulous Thunderbirds and Glenn Shorrock's new acoustic album. The car was telling it needed new music. What it really needs is some new rear speakers as one has started buzzing in a really bad way. At least rears can be replaced more cheaply than front splits.

Until next time, stay safe, my lovelies.

Oh frabjous day, my favourite TV non-personality, Dugald, is back on Rockwiz.

And you won't be staying safe if John McCain, a Republican nominee for the 2008 presidency, has his way. Terry Jones, once a Python, tells you why. Tell me, is the whole political world stark barking mad? "I've declared the USSR illegal". "Mission accomplished". "Protected by law".

The world was so much simpler when Marc Bolan sang about riding white swans, eh?

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JahTeh said...

Probably offensive for the militant vegos. I don't get it myself, I'm vegetarian (half conviction, half health) but I love any cooking shows except where they actually start from scratch by the killing of ingredients.

Neighbours pool leaked so they left it and turned it into a BBQ pit.

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